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Too Many "Governments", Too Much "Contents"

Global Public Procurement Market is a USD two trillion market that is open to 10 million participating companies from 130 nations worldwide. Every year, almost 3 million public procurement opportunities from governments and international organizations are available worldwide, which means approximately 5000 to 8000 new information is being made available daily. With the acquired information, companies had to go through repetitive and time consuming bidding process. This means that just keeping pace with the amount of government contract information you need could be a full time job. Surfing multiple government web sites, sifting through directories, and sorting through inaccurate search results, are not going to help you compete more effectively in the business.

Too Many "Formats"

To retrieve and acquire the procurement information via Internet requires efforts and time because agencies publish their procurement information on their Web sites using different formats and categories. There is not yet a unified format for the procurement information and large number of different formats is being used such as HTML, WORD, HWP, PDF, EXCEL, DATABASE, TEXT, etc. Also, different kind of categories is used in different countries - CPV(Common Procurement Vocabulary) in Europe, FPCS-Sic-Naics in the united States and HScode in Asia, which causes much confusion to Internet users.

Time to Market

The process of government procurement has, unlike private sector, definite opening and closing date. You cannot win it even with the best product and service if you do not obtain the right information at the right time. It is time that matters because you need it in preparing large volume of invitation or proposal and in case of international bids, to prepare in advance local agent, consulting partner, financing partner and collecting information on procurement agency is a necessary part of a winning contract. This is why timely information is an essential part of contracts with government agencies.

Contractors Are Not "e-Ready"

Business on government procurement is very conservative. Over 90% of the people employed are still using offline media such as newspaper or government newsletter in collecting bid information. Thus, information providers or marketplace administrator are mainly interested in distributing huge volume of business information more easily and effectively.

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Bob Stenson
COO, Hudson Valley Uniform
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