Job Opportunities
"why choose Lufex,Inc?"
Over the past few years, Lufex has grown at an accelerated pace and we continue to seek creative, talented, driven and open-minded individuals to join our staff. We offer the challenge and the excitement of a start-up, with the security and resources of an established company. While the work environment at Lufex is casual, you'll find that our approach to business is anything but innovative, accountable and willing to challenge.

Lufex is an exciting company that is changing the landscape of global business with governments all over the world. As we have successfully pioneered the doorway to the advanced B2G (Business-to-Government), Lufex needs to grow ceaselessly with people who share a common objective in competitive B2G market.

That is why we are always looking for more great people - more smart, energetic and big-picture thinkers who help shape an ever-changing industry and who are not afraid to take risks or to drive change. Join us and take the opportunity to make an impact on our business and the thousands of customers we serve.

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