Job Opportunities
Lufex remains a firm commitment to preoccupy and lead the world's public procurement market. We need qualified professionals who want to join us in achieving this challenging goal by revolutionizing the way the world e-Procurement community does business in the 21st century. We offer career opportunities to those with 3+ years of experience in one or more of the following:
1. Job Information
Job Categories Qualifications of Professionals
International Tender Tender specialists with 2 - 8 years of experience in international operations and a good command of English language
Business Process Reengineering/Improvement Business collaboration, business planning, overseas Projects management, etc.
Project Management Management of SI & B2B solution projects
Programming ASP, JAVA, CFML programming
Web Design Web site designing
2. Job Application Documents

- Curriculum Vitae with personal photograph, notes on the job applied, title and yearly salary desired, contact points, etc.
- Self-introduction letter stating major career experiences, Internet-use ability, foreign language ability, etc.
3. Submission of Application Documents and Questions

- Submission Period : any time on the Internet
- Receiving Desk : Personal Management of Lufex
- Email : webmaster@lufex.com
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