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Content Provider Benefits

Government procurement information is generally a paid contents and it is necessary for marketplace, trade Web sites and industrial vertical portal sites. To retrieve and distribute government procurement contents with manual works, however, requires a huge amount of money and work force. The solution for government procurement contents retrieval and distribution using iCAST can save money, workforce, time and more.
  • Automatic management in retrieval, extraction, classification, standardization, distribution and delivery of domestic and international government procurement information

  • The retrenchment of expenditures for the cost and workforce in retrieval and distribution of information

  • Save time using real-time basis agent

  • Custom-centered service using intelligent search engine and intelligent Web

  • Creation of real-time information by industry and region

  • Subsidiary information such as news by industry and region

Customer Benefits

Traditionally government vendors have used offline information mostly done by manual works. But this kind of information lacks clearness in source and accurateness in information itself. Government procurement information system by iCAST overcomes these defects and provides the best doorway to the government contract opportunities.
  • Extensive opportunities for global procurement service at the lowest cost

  • Competitive bidding opportunities by obtaining timely information and saving much time

  • Obtaining accurate information through the original text of RFP or RFQ

  • Monitor the total cycle of bids from ordering, RFQ/RFP to awarded bid information

  • Minimize time for search using Web interface and receiving matching bids only via emailing service
Dear Bidmain

I was just about to purchase a service from another on-line procurement information company when I heard about Bidmain.com. I was skeptical at first, however. Unlimited access for a fixed price? How and why would a company do that? But when I logged on to your site, I got almost the exact same bids using the same criteria ...

Ian Sepner
CEO, PA Media
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