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Icast key Features

iCAST, intelligent information agent, commissioned by Content Provider, Market Host and Contractor, performs self-controlling functions of distribution and management from regularly visiting procurement-related Web sites, retrieving and classifying data to publishing them online.
  • Monitor target Web site
  • Collect and save information page
  • collect related documents (HTML, TEXT, PDF, WORD, etc.)
  • Data Extraction
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Normalization
  • Attribute Extraction
  • Summary Extraction
  • Automatic classification of code and catefory into FPDS, etc.

  • Check essential field for omission
  • Check standardized format
  • Check for category errors
  • Intelligent Search Engine
  • Live Email Delivery
  • Oracle, Sql, Database ...
    • Content Collection
      iCAST retrieves or abstracts only new information and files by monitoring (24X7X365) new or editted information of target Web sites, checks overlaps and enables function to deal with various kinds of errors.

    • Content Refining
      iCAST produces data in standard format by standardizing multiple Web sites and irregular data format. It also erases useless characters such as image, table or tag, converts binary data format into standardized text or HTML in real-time and reproduces useful data through data analysis.

    • Content Classification
      iCAST classifies or re-classifies data according to UNSPSC (Universal Standard Products and Services Classification) code so that it distributes data to the users by industry and region. UNSPSC is the global standard code for product and service managed by ECCMA (The Electronic Commerce Code Management Association) and has its strength in that it is perfectly interchangeable with major product code and service codes such as HSCODE, SIC, NAICS, etc.

    • Content Validation
      iCAST detects omitted field or wrong data and validate them.

    • Content Distribution
      iCAST filters data and plans to distribute them the industry and need of the buyers, sellers and manufacturers. Then it distributes data with its intelligent search engine.
    Icast Architectures

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