LUFEX is the leading provider of procurement content solutions and services in Business-to-Government market. With its innovative solutions and highly trained human resources, we are changing the Business-to-Government market in the way that no other company ever did.

LUFEX manages the distribution and reporting of requests for proposals and quotes from more than 300,000 government agencies in over 180 countries worldwide in the $2 trillion national, state and local government marketplaces. The size and strength of our network allows suppliers and agencies to find better matches quickly, saving time and money.

As innovative automated procurement content solutions for unstructured procurement content management, LUFEX' AI(Artificial Intelligence)-based Procurement Content Solutions automatically capture, transform, categorize and manage unstructured government contract information, and allow effective searches to be performed on them. LUFEX' solutions and services are designed to dramatically reduce the time, cost and effort vendors experience in finding and managing government contracting opportunities. LUFEX' solutions use patent tools such as AI-based search engine for parametric extraction and Rule-based Classifier for categorizing products for focSused and targeted searches.

LUFEX has the goal of becoming the world's best Business-to-Government service Web site. We have found the market that needs to be served, and we are absolutely sure that we can serve the market better than anyone else. We have the service model that works extremely well, and we have the technology to overcome the obstacles. But foremost, we have the people who share a common value, we value our clients and we respect their business. This is what drives us to be innovative and creative every day, every hour and every minute.

Dear Bidmain

I was just about to purchase a service from another on-line procurement information company when I heard about Bidmain.com. I was skeptical at first, however. Unlimited access for a fixed price? How and why would a company do that? But when I logged on to your site, I got almost the exact same bids using the same criteria ...

Ian Sepner
CEO, PA Media
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