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As Internet has developed focusing on e-Business, the recent trend in Internet technology has been taken interest in integration and standardization. Lufex is resolving this problem of integration and standardization of huge amount of different contents using our information agent solution. Lufex' information agent technology provides you with an extremely reliable solution to the integration and standardization of scattered business contents all over the Internet.
iCAST : Contract Content Integration Platform

iCASTĘ‚ is an integrated product family developed to address the challenges of automating the retrieval, extraction, classification, standardization, distribution and delivery, and re-use of government procurement content opportunities from over 300,000 local, municipal, state, federal and international government agencies. ICASTĘ‚ is a customized bid engine that delivers bid notices, RFPs, RFQs, and contracting opportunities - only new bid information every day.
Dear Bidmain

I was just about to purchase a service from another on-line procurement information company when I heard about Bidmain.com. I was skeptical at first, however. Unlimited access for a fixed price? How and why would a company do that? But when I logged on to your site, I got almost the exact same bids using the same criteria ...

Ian Sepner
CEO, PA Media
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